A Comprehensive Diabetes Care Plan

our GP at Fitzroy north doctors is taking to the patient about diabetes care plan includes healthy eating habits, blood glucose monitoring and weight controlling.

A Comprehensive Diabetes Care Plan at Fitzroy North Doctors Clinic

Diabetes is a serious and complex chronic condition. Managing diabetes requires a holistic approach that includes various aspects of a person’s life and it need a comprehensive plan.

A diabetes care plan, in fact, is a type of Chronic Disease Management (CDM) plan that sometimes referred to as GP Management Plans (GPMPs).

Aside from offering essential guidance for maintaining good health, a diabetes care plan extends its benefits to include subsided access to a range of allied health professionals, ensuring that you receive the quality of care.

These comprehensive diabetes care plans offer individuals living with diabetes the opportunity to consult up to five different allied health professionals annually. These professionals may include dietitians, diabetes educators, exercise physiologists, physiotherapist and podiatrists, among others. Hopefully, these visits are eligible for a Medicare rebate.


Dr. Graham Leslie Barrett is a local GP at Fitzroy North Doctors Clinic. His special interests include chronic disease management. He has established an exemplary diabetes care plan that focuses on personalized care, education, lifestyle adjustments, and continuous monitoring.


Personalized Assessment and Education:

We understand that every individual with diabetes has unique needs.

The care plan begins with a thorough assessment of the patient’s medical history, current health status, and lifestyle factors.

This information is used to create a personalized diabetes management plan that takes into account the patient’s age, type of diabetes, comorbidities, and preferences.

Education plays a vital role in diabetes management.

Our team empower patients with the knowledge they need to understand their condition, its effects on the body, and the importance of managing it effectively.

Patients are educated about blood sugar monitoring, medication management, healthy eating habits, and the significance of regular physical activity.


Lifestyle Adjustments:

A key component of the diabetes care plan is encouraging patients to adopt healthier lifestyle habits.

Our plan provides guidance on creating balanced meal plans that help regulate blood sugar levels.

They also can offer advice on portion control, carbohydrate counting, and making mindful food choices.

Physical activity is another crucial aspect of diabetes management.

Patients are guided on incorporating regular exercise into their routines, taking into consideration their fitness levels and any limitations.

Exercise not only helps control blood sugar levels but also improves cardiovascular health and overall well-being.


Medication Management:

For patients who require medication to manage their diabetes, Dr. Graham ensures a thorough understanding of the prescribed medications.

He discusses the importance of adhering to medication schedules, potential side effects, and the significance of regular follow-up appointments to monitor their effectiveness.


Continuous Monitoring and Support:

Diabetes management is an ongoing process that requires continuous monitoring and adjustments.

Our care plan includes regular check-ups to assess the patient’s progress, review blood sugar levels, and make any necessary modifications to the treatment plan.

The plan schedule regular physicals and eye exams and helps you to keep your blood pressure and cholesterol under control.

These appointments also provide an opportunity for patients to address any concerns or challenges they might be facing.


Patients are encouraged to maintain open communication with Dr. Graham and his team between appointments.

This support network ensures that patients receive timely guidance, answers to their questions, and assistance with any issues that may arise.

You can make an appointment online with Graham or call us on (03) 94810000 for the other top GPs at the clinic to discuss your needs and circumstances.

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